A humble man who always strived to learn and grow, Rabbi Yaakov Berliner was known for his humility and love for all he met. He passed away at too young an age on April 7 after contracting COVID-19.

Berliner served as the devoted president of the Khal Shearis Adas Yisroel in Lakewood, N.J., becoming involved after developing a close relationship with its founder, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer. Forchheimer was just one of the rabbis whom Berliner had a close personal relationship as he strived to serve G‑d and his fellow man to the best of his ability.

A pillar of support and kindness, people who knew him attest that Berliner succeeded in his life’s mission, remembering him for his love of Torah and all those who valued it.

Berliner is survived by his wife, Chumi, and their eight children; his mother, Leah Berliner; and four siblings.

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