A popular teacher and communal leader, the passing of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Small after contracting COVID-19 has shaken the London Jewish community.

The rabbi of the Beit Avraham Synagogue for more than 40 years, Small was known for total dedication to his community. He refused to accept payment for performing services such as weddings and the sale of chametz (leavened foods) before Passover.

Personable and beloved by his congregants, Small taught daily Torah classes in the morning and evening, and on Shabbat and the holidays.

He continued leading classes well into his old age. Even when his health forced the octogenarian to relinquish his hands-on role, he would continue to pray and study in the synagogue daily.

Small was also the author of Iyunei Chaim.

He is survived by his son, Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Small, the author of Kisos L’Beis Dovid, and the rabbi of the Shomrei Hadas community in Antwerp.

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