For more than 45 years, Rabbi Yisroel Plutchok studied and taught in the yeshivah he built from the ground up until his passing on March 26.

He founded Yeshiva Derech Chaim in 1975, in the heart of Borough Park, N.Y., together with his brother-in-law, watching it flourish into a thriving institution with more than 200 students today.

Plutchok himself gave two daily lectures in Talmud and Jewish law with special lectures in Jewish philosophy fortnightly. Renowned for his passion and dedication, educators would send him students who sometimes required an extra dose of special attention and support.

“He treated us like his own children,” a student told Hamodia. “We felt comfortable going over to him and discussing whatever was on our mind.”

Guided by Torah and his unshakeable faith, Plutchok left an indelible mark on thousands of students from over the years.

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