Yosef Tzvi Klein might have practiced accounting during business hours, but mourners flocked online to pay tribute to someone “who was so much more than just an accountant” after his untimely passing on March 30 after contracting COVID-19.

Klein became attracted to the renowned Rebbe of the Bobov Chassidic dynasty, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam as a young man, and served as a personal aide of the Rebbe for a number of years.

After his marriage, Klein became an accountant, where he gained a reputation for his integrity and kind demeanor.

Mourners recalled how “he was pleasant to everyone, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful, demonstrating to the almost entirely non-Jewish staff, most of whom had never had any interaction with a Chassid, what a true Torah scholar is.”

A stalwart of the Bobov Chassidic community in Borough Park, N.Y., he leaves behind a wife and young children, in addition to a storied legacy.

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