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The Case For or Against Marriage

The Comedy of Marriage


The Case For or Against Marriage: The Comedy of Marriage

A hilarious and depth-filled talk on the true meaning of marriage and relationships according to the Torah and Kabbalah.
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Relationships, Marriage

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Moriah AZ March 21, 2015

a Terrific Lecture I thoroughly enjoyed the humorous means in which R' Jacobson cleverly and thoughtfully articulated the relevant way in which we need to realize (& actualize) the essence of God's Divinity in us, by way of, our marriages and relationships.
There is absolutely everything to be said for the profoundness of Torah - (the BluePrint) for the way in which we can (w)holy meet God through the intimate journey with others.
T/y for this teaching. B"H Reply

yehuda Beverly Hills March 17, 2015

Yehuda The way you describe God i am starting to believe in it, Reply

shterna n.y. March 16, 2015

greatly enjoyed this talk, learning important issues in a fun way. highly recommend it! Reply

Thaydia March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 Tech support I am losing this video at approx. 48 minutes as the Rabbi is saying: "The only thing G-d was missing was ..." the fact ... "

at that pt. the video feature stops and returns to the beginning ... anyone else experiencing this computer malfunction? Please advise. Could be techie problem? Reply

Anonymous Tulsa March 14, 2015

Very Good!! Reply

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