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The Sixth Millennium

The Last Day of Time

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The Sixth Millennium: The Last Day of Time

If we map time, can we tell where it is taking us? The results are just too uncanny to be written off as coincidence.
Science & Technology, Moshiach and the Future Redemption, History, Jewish History

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Randi Here April 21, 2021

It's so nice to have this to hear again. Thank you Reply

ZS Jerusalem October 12, 2020

I thought the Previous Rebbe of Chabad announced already appx. 80 years ago that we are Friday afternoon after Midday? Why does it show here as 5750 the year of noon?
Just pointing out, beautiful class and so mind blowing! Reply

Tzvi Freeman October 13, 2020
in response to ZS:

Yes, that's true. There are different ways of making the calculation. This one, based on the Rebbe Rashab's maamar and on the Rebbe's statements concerning 5750-5751, provides the latest possible dates. Reply

Anonymous Netherlands December 23, 2018

Today I saw the video and I realize that you are right. I was brought up as a Christian, although I had a Jewish grandfather. Since 8 years I have seen and believed that Hashem is one and my soul desires to serve and love him completely, and I want to be a convert. Around me I see many christians searching for the G’d of Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob and I am convinced that the dikes are broken now and the knowledge of Hashem will cover the world like the waters the bottom of the sea Reply

Susan, Sara December 6, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Dear Anonymous,

I read your kind comment with much interest. BTW: You write at the beginning of your comment that you had a Jewish Grandfather. Right?
You may want to do some family research to find out if he was from your Maternal side of the family or whether he was from the Paternal side. Are you aware that in Judaism where the Mother is Jewish then her child is also Jewish? You could be in for a surprise. Maybe - just maybe... I happen to know of more that one instance where a person has had a strong urge to convert to Judaism - only to find out that it was not even necessary to convert - as his-her
(biological) Mother's Mother ie Maternal Grandmother 'just happened" to be Jewish. Either way, I wish you 'best o' luck' or in our lingo: Bracha VeHatzlacha! Blessings and success! Reply

Joe Bill Schirtzinger August 19, 2018

Do you happen to have a conversion table of the numbers you are using to arrive at your description of time somewhere? Reply

Srulik Pinson Edmonton April 20, 2021
in response to Joe Bill Schirtzinger:

See "The Last Day of History," in Rabbi Freeman's answer, the reply to the comment below. Reply

Me Here January 14, 2018

There is an error: the time presented for the flood, 1740 Hebrew calendar) was not the same time as the 1740 of the European revolution as depicted. Reply

Tzvi Freeman January 18, 2018
in response to Me:

The Zohar predicts a flood of wisdom in the Hebrew year 5500. A simple way to calculate this is to begin with the secular year 1240, which roughly corresponds to 5000. 1240 + 500 = 1740.

See The Last Day of History Reply

Shira Washer El Paso, TX May 29, 2015

What a gem of a teaching! Everyone in the world should watch it! - yesterday! Reply

Harold Green Florida February 23, 2015

Moshiach cannot come The Moshiach cannot come in our life time. There are Jews who feel they are holier than other Jews. Hashem created all people equal. As our constitution states in the USA, we are all equal, under G-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Yet, there are some sects that believe a person can be "more holy" by doing "more special rituals". An example is Kapporot. The Moshiach will arrive when, the human race starts to act like one group of people, living together, under G-d....... with justice for all. When the Jew and the Gentile and the Moslem and the Christian are all one, the Moshiach will come. Until then, we suffer. The chosen people are "the human race". Reply

Craig Hamilton Sandwich, MA December 23, 2018
in response to Harold Green:

Re: Harold "Hashem created all people equal." People are not created equal at all in Torah. In fact, Hashem, created all people different. Reply

gedalya cohen 31 fessler dr February 23, 2015

butifull clip Reply

rhonda February 23, 2015

how do u know Moshiach is coming Reply

Bob M Ft Myers July 1, 2019
in response to rhonda:

The Torah says so Reply

Sue England February 22, 2015

Thank you so much Rabbi Freeman for a wonderful and totally inspiring lecture. Reply

Shira Washer EL PASO February 22, 2015

How wonderful. Thank you. Reply

Craig Hamilton Sandwich, MA February 20, 2015

Sad Judaism vs. Happy Judaism – Let us not erase our knowledge of the way things once were. In order to serve G-d properly, a Jew must know where he came from! Therefore, because history is relevant to the modern Jew, let us not discard the bitter memories of the weeping and wailing of the Judaism of night, and let us be grateful for the brighter side of Judaism started by the Baal Shem Tov. Reply

Rhonda Wainshilbaum Ma. usa February 19, 2015

Man. Thanks. Proud to be a yid Reply

Catherine Upper Brookville February 19, 2015

history and God As a teacher...I always loved history...american own family tree.....on and on. However this view of God's viewpoint. He had a plan..we are the players in it. With a look back we can see the connections to God's plan. It's so enlightening....and yet the schools never teach it. It's too bad..because with this understanding we all are connected, we all play a role that is important. Thank you for the enlightened understanding as to what is really happening. It gives one hope that light will come out of the current darkness of this world. God bless us all and God bless you Rabbi for this wonderful presentation. Reply

Julie USA February 18, 2015

ISIS I think it is unprecedented that Islam is "suddenly" appearing in such an invasive and horrific wave. Twenty years ago they were not on the news everyday beheading and terrorizing Jews and Christians, even other muslims. I pray please come Moshiach!!!!! It seems the whole world is against Israel. How long before Jerusalem will be returned to the Jews? Reply

Eduardo São Paulo/Brazil February 17, 2015

We are reaching the end of times. Moshiach is coming. May we really be prepared to be before Him. Reply