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Miracles Amid the Horror

How I survived the Hungarian Holocaust


Miracles Amid the Horror: How I survived the Hungarian Holocaust

The Holocaust came late to Hungary. But when the Nazis began their gruesome work, they were ruthlessly efficient, and two-thirds of the Jewish population perished at their hands. Leslie Meisels went through hell together with his parents and siblings, but miraculously they survived.
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Anonymous May 16, 2016

To Marty If you look deeper (in the Talmud or/and Midrash) you will see that it was not murder and not adultery. Reply

Marty Denver December 14, 2013

Response to Janice You cite G-d's goodness from the Psalms. If King David wrote the psalm, I can see how he could talk of G-d's goodness, afterall he got away with murder and adultery among other sins so no doubt he experienced G-d's mercy.
But for the 6 million plus victims of Nazi Germany? The speaker didn't applaud G-d's goodness, instead he said speak out when you witness injustice. While in the death camps, some victims put G-d on trial and found Him guilty, deserving of the death penalty and then recited the daily prayers.
We should be doing what Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says. We should demand justice from G-d. We should be like Abraham and Moses. They challenged G-d to do the right thing, to be just and merciful. The Torah is a quid pro quo. It's crystal clear that if we obey the law, G-d will give us long and prosperous lives. Many of the 6 million were religious. Did G-d uphold His covenant with them? Of course not. Where' was G-d's goodness to which you refer? Reply

Janice Colorado December 12, 2013

Miracles Amid the Horror I will always remember his words and reminds me Ps 27:18 I remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of LORD, in the land of the living. Is important to look for goodness in everyone, everyday and to give thanks for His goodness; and to give some goodness to all. Need to keep in front of us and others "goodness" of LORD. Reply

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