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Short Insights

Wisdom in under ten minutes

24 Videos
Developing an intentional perspective of ourselves, others and G-d
7 Videos
Based on personal encounters with the Rebbe
41 Videos
Two-Minute Torah Insights
337 Videos
Reflections on the Daily "Hayom Yom"
54 Videos
Meaningful Insights on the Parsha and Jewish Holidays
53 Videos
Personal Reflections, Inspirational Thought
15 Videos
Short Insights into Daily Life
19 Videos
Pearls of Wisdom from Rabbi Gordon’s Daily Classes
26 Videos
A Collection of Brief Torah Thoughts
13 Videos
The Poetry of Yehoshua November
9 Videos
Short Bursts of Jewish Insight
31 Videos
Contemporary Insights on the Parshah
4 Videos
Reflections of an Israeli military Chaplain
51 Videos
Ten-Minute Lessons on the Weekly Torah Portion
18 Videos
Faculty of Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Present on the Parshah
6 Videos
Thoughts on the Torah Readings
6 Videos
Five Minutes on the Five Books of the Torah
3 Videos
Highlights from the Kol Menachem Haggadah
53 Videos
Tackling the questions and travails we all face in life.
9 Videos
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
10 Videos
Practical wisdom for positive living