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Torah Classes

Classes and lectures from master teachers on a variety of Jewish subjects

The world's biggest virtual classroom for Torah study.

11 Videos
A weekly course unleashing the positivity in your life
26 Videos
The Innerworkings of the Mind and Soul According to Tanya
2 Videos
The Mountain of Sinai and the Desert of Sinai
7 Videos
Seven Haftorahs Between Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah
9 Videos
Brief Lessons from the Torah Portion
Customs of Shavuot
What We Heard and Saw at the Giving of the Torah
9 Videos
Spiritual Insights on Important Days of the Year
Why Didn't G-d Create a World Without Suffering?
A Metaphor for Exile and Redemption
Does the Creator Need Us?
45 Videos
Insights on the Weekly Torah Portion
70 Videos
Mitzvahs of the Torah Portion
1 Video
Public Policy from a Jewish Perspective
240 Videos
In Depth Study of the Weekly Torah Portions
51 Videos
Torah Interpretations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
The last teaching the Rebbe personally handed to us
The significance of birthdays and the 18th of Elul
8 Videos
The Supernal Sukkot Guests
From the Chassidic Discourse “Basi LeGani”
21 Videos
Discovering the Torah’s Relevance in the 21st Century
5 Videos
The Wisdom of Pirkei Avot
A new perspective on the meaning of teshuvah
10 Videos
Learn fascinating facts and insights in the miraculous Exodus narrative
3 Videos
A Comprehensive Overview of the Concept, the Person and the Era
Lifting the final curtain on the face of G-d