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The Rambam's Compassionate Leadership

Maimonides' "Iggeret Teiman" (Letter to Yemenite Jewry)

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The Rambam's Compassionate Leadership: Maimonides' "Iggeret Teiman" (Letter to Yemenite Jewry)

Maimonides was known not only as a Torah scholar but as an activist and leader who responded to the great upheavals of his time. In particular, his 1169 CE "Iggeret Teiman" (Letter to Yemenite Jewry) exemplifies his involvement in giving guidance and encouragement to his brethren.
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Gavriel WA March 26, 2012

Defend our right Let us not give up hope and not to bury ourselves in the ground where the fruit will not bloom. We must not give up the Torah and the values that HaShem has instructed with in those walls. HaShem is our tallis when we have none, HaShem is our breath when the weight of our worth becomes to heavy to bare.We will make it through these times and we will continue to love our Creator even when the world forces us to say other wise. We need not the trust of the word of mankind to make us feel at rest. We need the help of HaShem to help us understand what we lack in His wonders and His creations .Someday we will merit the coming of the Moshiach,we have shown great patience and control. We will not ever! go off to seek idols and there is no idol that can replace our love for HaShem.Talk to your local Rabbi support them and love them and Shalom Todah. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA March 26, 2012

Rambam's Compasionate Leadership Although small, but Hashem have preserved a remmant. And the preservation of His people is for the return of the Tribes. The Tribes of the children of Hashem, blessed be He. Our G-d is turning his children to Torah and preparing them for the coming of Moshiach.
Thank you Rabbi Struchler for your lecture of hope, peace and strength. May Hashem bless you and all your family. Hashem is King of King!!!! Reply

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