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The Milky Way

Customs of Shavuot

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The Milky Way: Customs of Shavuot

An overview of some the unique customs associated with the holiday of Shavuot, along with their practical reasons and spiritual explanations.
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Marylu Usa June 4, 2022

Todah rabbah... I thank you for clarification on meat. I was taught that only dairy due to not knowing kosher laws.
Abraham had understanding of it when the 3 angels came as men to him. He had meat to eat. And it sounds like he understand some form of kosher laws. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn June 2, 2014

tachlis must say, that while baking away my milchigs it was a real eye opener. by far the most clear and concise explanation that i was able to share with all. thank you so much for this at the right moment. Reply

sombatyonerchosid Portland June 2, 2014

Schlimazal Etymology Schlimazal (שליממזל) is derived from German and Hebrew. In German "schlimm" means bad. "Mazal" of course means luck or fortune. The etymology presented in the video is incorrect and spurious. Reply

Anonymous May 20, 2010

What a delightfully engaging rabbi! Reply

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