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Rabbi Yehudah Hayyat's "System of Divinity"

The Exile of 1492

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Rabbi Yehudah Hayyat's "System of Divinity": The Exile of 1492

System of Divinity, a kabbalistic masterpiece written by Rabbi Yehudah Chayyat (born in Spain, c.1450), provides us with a rare first person account of the Spanish expulsion of 1492 and the state of Sephardic Jews in a year that most people associate with the voyage of Columbus.
Rabbi Yehudah Hayyat's System of Divinity  

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tzi lang Brooklyn, NY August 23, 2012

Linking spiritual and physical awsome! Reply

Dovid Brooklyn, N.Y March 22, 2011

Locusts he doesn't say that he ate locusts to stay alive but he borrows that the terminology of the plagues that "whatever was not destroyed by the hail the locusts ate" meaning that whatever was left of him was destroyed by this Arab. Reply

Dovid Brooklyn, N.Y March 22, 2011

Mareches Haelokus Auther Just to point that the Rebbe in Lekutei Sichos volume 16 pg 491 writes that the author of Mareches Ha'elokus is indeed Rabeinu Peretz. Also see there that he brings there praise from the Ari of yehuda chayit. Reply

David Salford July 20, 2010

epr Suggestion: EPR = 'ophor', Hebrew for dust, the basic material of ALL creation Reply

Anonymous Merion, PA July 20, 2010

Ahser Crispe Wow, Rabbi Crispe is such an amazing speaker! He presents the information in a clear and systematic way, allowing the viewer to truly grasp and appreciate the subject and to feel their plight.
Please post more of Rabbi Asher Crispe Reply

Richard Raff BonneyLake, United States July 20, 2010

Rabbi Yehudah Hayyat's The effect of gravity attracting the spiritual self to come correct with the human beings natural sense of direction. G=S+hb/{613}&Torah also = Direction. Great stuff here i know my figures are made up but really joyful to think about. Love these classes and Rabbi Asher Crispe has the news for all of us Jewish scientist, fine dinning i would say. Reply