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Prayers of Rosh Hashanah

A Guide to the High Holiday Services

Understand the meaning and the structure of the Rosh Hashanah prayer services and "why we do what we do."

The Rosh Hashanah Services - Part 1
The three-part structure of the Rosh Hashanah morning prayer service is based upon the three themes of G-d's coronation as King, the memory of His commitment to us, and the sounding of the shofar.
The Rosh Hashanah Services - Part 2
What is the precise order for sounding the various notes of the shofar? What does the participant do during this part of the service?
The Rosh Hashanah Services - Part 3
There are more prayers and more shofar blasts at this addition service directly following the morning prayer.
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Per mystical tradition, it is customary to recite seven special verses of King David’s Psalms responsively just before the shofar is blown. The first expresses prayerful hope, reflective of the Shofar's message. In acrostic fashion, the following six verses (all lifted from Psalm 119) form the Hebrew words “Kra Satan” literally translated as “Tear up Satan.” The satanic spirit we seek to destroy is said to refer to Israel's heavenly accuser or adversary, yet it can also indicate the lifting of that which might impede or hinder our spiritual progress and the sweet judgment we now seek.
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