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Keeping Our Faith and Finding Comfort After the Pittsburgh Massacre

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Keeping Our Faith and Finding Comfort After the Pittsburgh Massacre

In the wake of this past Shabbat's horrific massacre, Jewish people the world over are reeling in pain; feeling profound vulnerability, frustration and even anger. How does a faithful Jew react and respond to evil perpetrated and its tragic consequences? Here are Torah-true perspectives – drawing on a range of traditional sources and authentic Jewish teachings.
Faith; Belief in G-d, Pain, Suffering & Tragedy, Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (2018)

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Anonymous South Carolina November 26, 2018

My great grandfather my grandfathers step father was from squirrel hill in Pittsburgh. I would visit many times in my youth. One of my very best friends ever Steven who saved my daughters life was Jewish and this tragedy is close to my heart. I pray for healing for the family and synagogue. I care. It never should have happened. We had something similar happen in the Holy City where I currently live. Following our tragedy the pastor forgave the youth involved. It is very difficult to forgive someone who has done something so horrid. But the pastors wife did. The whole town gathered on our bridge and two birds were released one white dove and one pidgeon. Our town pulled together. I’m not saying you need to forgive someone that is violent or in the wrong but hatred will eat your heart. I was touched by the candle rememberance. I too suffered a loss like yours when my fiancé was killed. He had built a church physically to help others. He died a Martyr to that church. You are in my pray. Reply

Simon Mauck November 2, 2018

Rabbi Kaplan,

Just wanted to say thank you for this. I was very upset by Pittsburgh, but I also came here for personal reasons. Found out I was Jewish about a year ago, trying to act now like G-d wants, but this was right about the time my daughter got sick, and she passed recently. I’m still so angry with G-d, not sure I believe in the messianic future you talk about at the end, but this helped a lot. Thank you so much for making your thoughts available. Reply