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The Amazing Archeological Find of King Chizkiyahu’s Seal

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The Amazing Archeological Find of King Chizkiyahu’s Seal

Archeologists recently discovered a seal or bulla of King Hezekiah near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which dates back to biblical times in the 8th century BCE. The timing of this incredible new discovery appears to have tremendous significance, and is connected to the signet ring mentioned in the Torah.
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Kislev 19, Vayeishev, Judah & Tamar, Archeology; Anthropology, Hezekiah

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Miriam P Ruvinskis San Marcos November 23, 2020

This is a very unique and fascinating discovery. Thank you rabbi, incredible! Reply

Anonymous December 10, 2015

wonderful! thank you so much. One question: weren't the grapes in the dream of the butler who did NOT get beheaded? Reply

Anonymous December 9, 2015

Fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing. Reply

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