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The Spiritual Skin Condition of Tzaraat

Kabbalah and the Bible – Tazria-Metzora

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The Spiritual Skin Condition of Tzaraat: Kabbalah and the Bible – Tazria-Metzora

Tzaraat is a supernatural skin discoloration which signifies ritual impurity. The declaration and diagnosis of tzaraat is only through the kohen, why?
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Tazria-Metzora, Tzaraat

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Hatikva Illinois April 1, 2022

Many years ago, as I read Torah and the portion about Tzarat, as I read it I associate with vertiligo, a skin condition that causes skin discoloration, I am from Rain Forest, Manaus Amazon Brazil, and I know leprosy condition and how look like, and Tzarat, does not look anything like leprosy, it a disturbing skin condition and I believe that HaShem is too Compassionate to have His Children with such disease Reply

Beth Thompson Bradford NH June 26, 2017

Is there a transcript available? Reply Staff June 27, 2017
in response to Beth Thompson:

No transcripts available, I'm sorry! Reply

Jessica San Francisco, CA April 28, 2012

Wonderful class Thank you so much. You explained this topic so well. I am just beginning my Torah study journey and Rabbi, you are terrific. Reply

barbra Drizin san diego July 5, 2010

tazria-metzora my bat mitzvah portion that i never understood...thank you for a deeper and interesting explanation...
may the person be brought back into the community? Is he/she to be accepted back? Does he/she know what lesson he/she is supposed to have learned? Reply

Anonymous April 15, 2010

That was a great class!

Thank you! Reply

Rabbi Kaplan Thornhill, Ont. April 14, 2010

Tweets & Lashon Hara I did not mean to suggest that "twittering" must be an act of Lashon Hara (evil talk), in fact I'm quite sure that on occasion Twitter has served a vitally good purpose. However, it seems that (statistically speaking) it is more about gossip and prattle than meaningful communication... Reply

Julia Virginia Beach, VA USA April 13, 2010

Great Class! Much power to you! I was so surprised when it ended! I was deep into learning mode, and suddenly it's over!

Well, it was fantastic. I learned so much.

Thanks again! Reply

Even Ezer Garsia Pembroke Pines, Fl April 13, 2010

Great Class! May you be strong and blessed! Reply

Elisheva L.A., CA April 13, 2010

Volume BTW, Tweets on Twiitter are not, by definition, Lashon Hora (evil talk). Some may be, but most are simply informational. Reply

Editor April 13, 2010

Time of Class A recording of this live class will also be made available after this class and should be online by morning. Reply

Herman B Corpus Christi, TX April 13, 2010

EST vs CST There is one hour difference between Eastern
and Central Standard Time. Therefore, 8:30pm
EST is the same as 7:30pm CST. The Kaballah program being shown tonight will be at 7:30pm, the same time as here in Corpus Christi, Tx. Reply

Peggy Vctoria, TX April 13, 2010

Time What time would this class be for people in Central time? Reply

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