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Judaism and the World

An Introduction to Judaism for Non-Jews

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Judaism and the World: An Introduction to Judaism for Non-Jews

A rabbi speaks to a non-Jewish group about Judaism's message to all humankind -- the Seven Noahide Laws.
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Seventy Nations of the World; Seventy Languages, Bnei Noah, Seven Noahide Laws

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Esther Herat St John’s, Newfoundland October 20, 2017

Rabbi Elieazar thank you. Is there another part to this presentation? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov October 29, 2017
in response to Esther Herat:

This was a stand-alone lecture, given to a non-Jewish audience about 10 years ago. Reply

James Brush miami-key largo October 19, 2017

Thank you, Rabbi Zalmanov. Excellent dissertation. I have two questions. 1)Does God Hashem, the Judge, Creator, ever deliver a Judgement for the Nation that violates all seven (7) Noah Laws; 2) What ever happened to the 10 Commandments? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov October 20, 2017
in response to James Brush:

Thank you.

1) It is not our place to determine who G-d does and doesn't judge for violation of the commandments. That's His department.

2) The 10 Commandments were given specifically to the Jewish people. They are not all universal laws. Some are, but not all. Reply

catherine ny, ny April 8, 2012

Bronx I agree. The depth knowledge and understanding that chabad shares with the world is unprecedented. I am also Catholic and now understand more than Catholicism ever offered to teach. I better understand the ONENESS of everything. I am writing a book for those who want a deeper level of understanding. Thanks to the inspiration from Chabad. Reply

Esther Herat St John’s, Newfoundland October 20, 2017
in response to catherine:

You are right Catherine - Chabad is bringing all of us from the lost tribes and gentiles back to where we should be. Thank you Chabad Reply

Daljeet India October 21, 2017
in response to catherine:

catherine, Would love to read your book when published. Reply

Max Detroit October 26, 2017
in response to Daljeet:

Book Me too!
Catherine, was it published already? Sounds interesting! Reply

Anonymous Bronx, New yord April 2, 2012

Wao! Thank you, Rabbi Zalmanov for taking the time to speak to non-Jews about these seven laws. i find them very easy to apply. They fit in my life perfect. i will teach them to my wife and kids, friends, family members. It feels good to know that we can make this world better. If there were only a few more Rabbis like you. These laws have been like America's best kept secret. We the non-Jews need to know about these things. People are running here and there looking into many religions but through these laws it is so simple to serve and love God! If they only knew! Reply

Jonathan Phillips Cincinnati, OH February 20, 2012

Thank You! Thank you for this wonderful presentation. I am Roman Catholic (gasp), yet this teaching resonates with me. I also read the story about your Grandfather. He sounded like a wonderful person who gave of himself with joy. May G-d rest his soul. Reply

Anonymous Nagoya, Japan September 7, 2011

about chabad house in tokyo I appreciate your advice. Reply

Anonymous dallas, texas September 5, 2011

re japanese 7 noahide laws you may want to try the chabad house in tokyo Reply

Dvora Fairfield Jacksonville, FL July 10, 2011

Kosher by choice? B"H. I would think that it had to be by default to begin with; at least until some new non-kosher animals were gone. I could just hear it now. "Na'amah! Pork chops?!!! OY!! Well, th-th-th-that's all folks!"
Shalom Reply

Anonymous Nagoya, Japan May 30, 2011

How do I study 7laws in japan? I am a non-Jewish man and I watched your TV. However, I am not good at understanding in English. I think better learning 7 laws is to learn in mother language (Japanese). Otherwise, I have to study English harder. If do you have a good idea, please tell me. Reply

Catherine NY, NY March 7, 2011

Excellent! Rabbi, very timely and important message here. This was an excellent class. These seven simple laws have created a world of justice. However, since this generation of very coarse people have been on the earth, the world seems to be hanging on a thread. What will it take for people to follow these laws if they are not forced to. The court system that is rule 7, seems to be faltering. Look at the laws concerning abortion, the push to have gay marriage legal, and the concept of ending the life of terminally ill people.So far we legally have one out of three, but where will it stop. What a mess. It seems as though the 7 laws that help support the world are weakening. Am I right? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov (author) March 7, 2011

Re: question Noah was not commanded to eat only kosher animals. However, he did have an insight to which animals would and wouldn't be kosher in the future; which is how he knew to differentiate between the ‘pure’ and ‘impure’ animals on the ark.

Keeping kosher then was by choice, not as a commandment.

I apologize for implying otherwise. Reply

Romee March 4, 2011

question oh ok because you essentially steal their trust. One more question... If Noah was commanded to eat kosher animals why aren't gentiles obligated today?
As the others have said thank you for expounding on these laws. Reply

Chaim new york, ny March 3, 2011

Excellent! Thank you Rabbi! That was wonderful. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov March 3, 2011

Re: question Lying and deception are included in "Do not steal." Reply

Romee March 3, 2011

question Do any of the Noahide laws imply a prohibition against lieing or deception? It seems the big one that would prevent a G_Dly gentile society if not included among the rest. Reply

EE March 2, 2011

Thank You I am Pleased that you clarified the "Stepping back as an artist" statement. In stepping back HE BEING the ALL in ALL never steps back.

Sometimes I am distant from HIM. Not by choice. Reply

Miriam Denver, CO March 2, 2011

Great Lesson! Thank you Rabbi Zalmanov. I like what you said about G_d pushing us from above...that he continues to create, and is constantly involved with us. I am grateful that he continues to "push" us to Him. You are a wonderful teacher. Reply