The Art of Forgiveness

Pre-Yom Kippur Inspiration

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The Art of Forgiveness: Pre-Yom Kippur Inspiration

Learn an amazingly simple secret for healing yourself and all of your relationships this new year.
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Phillipa Silke London September 12, 2017

Such wisdom. Thank you Rabbi Taub. Reply

Prof.Dr.Henry Benarey Ph.D. M.Sc. September 4, 2017

Add a comment...It would be nice if the lecturers would stand still and not rock from left to right its enjoying and distracting Reply

Pamela Rhoten LOWELL July 5, 2017

thank you from the bottom of my heart! Reply

high school girl US September 28, 2016

Much Appreciated! Thank you so much for putting this up!
I have heard this before when Rabbi Taub spoke for a group where I was present. But I thought I can always hear it again before Yom Kippur, and even Rosh Hashana. Reply

Anonymous Chicago October 4, 2014

Thank you Amazing speech! This really put things in perspective. Thank you very much! Reply

Yaakov Ben- Shmuel Yerushalayim July 26, 2014

LeKavod Rabbi Taub,

I have tried to correct an improper feeling of resentment by reminding myself that everything is really from Hashem Himself. I really try to understand reality that way.

But when I am reminded of certain situations, and I still feel negatively against someone. How can I improve this problem that I have? Any ideas?


Anonymous July 25, 2014

The Art of forgiveness Thank you for sharing this powerful message, it was really helpful.
It is often difficult to pinpoint what is making us feel so estranged from G-d , until with help(such as this class) we realize there was anger and resentment still there, like we find things right at the back of the shelves when spring cleaning. From this class I have also learned the Art of unburdening my self and others. It also taught me a new way of looking at forgiveness, what it means to be a monotheist, and being mature. Reply

Anonymous USA September 30, 2013

The Art of Forgiveness Do Rabbis forgive others? Reply

Guillermo Cuervo Miami September 13, 2013

Can the human being to forgive peoples sins as God does? Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA March 18, 2013

Dear Rabbi Taub you are so right when you say that it is the separation from G-d that hurts the most. Most people do not realize this concept. But those who really feel love for our Maker, know this feeling very well. It is not worth to keep a grudge against anybody, no matter how much they have hurt us. It is only natural to suffer the consequences of the pain some people might inflict on us, but we need to let go. Even if they are on the right. When the other is on the right, we need to ask for forgiveness. When it is they who are wrong we need to forgive them, in our heart and soul, even when we know that they would never accept our true conceptions. We cannot change anyone, we can only change ourselves with the help of Hashem, blessed be He. He knows all things hidden from us. Especially the heart and mind of the other. When it comes from our children it is hard, but they are their own self. King David had problems with his children. Hashem took care of them. Thank you Rabbi Taub. Reply

Scott Cohen Helena, MT March 17, 2013

Thank you Rabbi,

I have listened to your lecture a number of times and all I can say is thank you. I am veteran recovering from PSTD and one of the key aspects we deal with throughout the recovery process is forgiveness. I am still working on my issues, I am still finding my way home to faith and Hashem. Thank you for helping with my recovery.

I am sharing this lecture with other veterans, Jewish and non-Jewish alike because this topic and your lecture is so important for all of my brothers and sisters in arms.

I hope to one day thank you in person. Reply

Anonymous USA January 9, 2013

The Art of Forgiveness Rabbi Taub, how wonderful this revelation which came from your words. Every word is so true. I needed to hear you today. THANK YOU!!! Reply

Liny Hyderabad, India September 26, 2012

Forgiveness Excellent! Gave me a whole new perspective about looking at life and how to make space for others, about not making our ill-wishers into thinking that they are the masters of our life. Wow! Reply

Anonymous Penrose, co September 26, 2012

forgiving self As we go through life we forgive those who hurt us and do wrong by us....the hardest thing in life is to forgive ourselves. It took me 40 years to learn this lesson, or at least I thought I had. I guess I only forgave myself "a little", thanks to this talk, I will now forgive myself completely'
Thank You Reply

redneck jew September 26, 2012

Thank You Thank you very much for helping me with the process of forgiveness in my life because as it is written "if you do not forgive your father in heaven will not forgive you " It is written "offenses will come" The hurt in my life is deep and painfull as those closest to me have done me the most harm. As I rebuild my life from these holocaust like circumstances I must learn to forgive and this video was tremendously helpful. Thank You. Reply

Anonymous September 26, 2012

Eye opener! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I have been the victim and vulnerable and been depressed nearly my entire marriage life due to my inlaws or should I say due to my passive role. Thank you for helping me to rethink my choices, rethink my resentment and denial of reality and rethink about the authority I have given away.This has given my the ounce of strength needed to release may Adonai help me along the rest of this process! Reply

Judith Epstein west palm beach, FLORIDA via palmbeachjewish.com September 25, 2012

forgiveness Thank you so much. Listening to you was spiritually so satisfying and spoken so beautifully. Just what I was thirsting for. Thank G-d! Powerful words and so important, letting go of resentment is crucial to have peace in your life. Reply

Anonymous Valley Village, CA via chabadso.com September 25, 2012

Thank You I was looking online to find when Yom Kipur starts and ends since my family wanted to have us for the meal and we leave in a 15 minutes driving distance. I found this website "accidentally" and as I was cooking I listened to the one hour talk above.

I really needed to hear this talk. I truly appreciate. Will start practicing the things I remember from the talk.

I had an experienced last year with resentment, I developped a sever allergic reaction because of the resentments I accumulated in my life. Toxicity in action. I had done healing on myself and since then I have cleared my reaction completely. I do feel though when resentment come up. Since my very painful (physically) experience, I catch resentments as they show up more quickly today, I really can't afford it, but it's been 3 years that we have been trying to get pregnant, which I did, but miscarried, and I will do more contemplations about that. I thank you for that story.

Many Blessings and Gmar Hatima Tova.

Anonymous Atlanta, GA/USA September 25, 2012

The Art of Forgiveness There should be a part one, two, three and four of this topic. It is so life changing and this is why so many people are sick and diseased and financially in bondage because of unforgivenss in their souls. Reply

pedroq quz September 23, 2012

beautiful thank you Shais Taub Reply

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