The Kabbalah of Happiness

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Kabbalah of Happiness

Everyone is looking for more happiness in their lives; but what is the magical formula for attaining true joy in life?
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Joy; Happiness, Tanya

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Helen. Dudden UK May 1, 2019

As a disabled person, happiness became more simplified. A day without too much discomfort and pain. Life changing experience, is one we have to live with.

I believe, it teaches us about our selves. We are in a body that can be fragile, and how we must make our fragility something that we can exist with. I've found a different side to others, in a supermarket there is always someone who offers help. Society accepts.

Jacob, and Moses had their forms of disability. Hashem encouraged, and supported Moses.

King David, also was another in Torah who cares for a young person with disabilities, he fed and cared for him.

It's often difficult to find peace of mind with disability, it's there, but it's often that it requires continued search. Reply

Rachel Carnatz September 19, 2013

Happiness Thank you Rabbi. Your explanation helped me better understand my weekly study class some weeks ago. Reply

wise December 22, 2012

Happiness I agree with what was said in this video and I would like to add, that there is a difference between not being happy, and not being happy about a particular situation. I'm an adult and can say, I have always being happy, except at one time, a long time ago, for about an hour, I just couldn't feel any joy for no reason at all, no matter what I tried, that brought me joy in the past. From that, I learnt, the meaning of having one's Joy being taken away. It is such a weird feeling. Its not like anything I have ever felt before or have ever felt since. Now, years later, I know the difference between not having joy and not being happy about a particular situation; Ever since then, Hashem has never let happiness leave my soul again. Reply

Guilherme Fauque Passo Fundo, Brazil August 9, 2011

Happiness This is the second time I'm watching this video. It's a very important message for our lifes! I'm not a jew, because I was born of a christian mother. My dad was jew and my grandmother also, for this reason I grew up with a great respect by the jewish people and so I found out this beautiful website and yours good videos.

Thans and G-d blessed you all days! Reply

nathan cairo, egypt August 7, 2011

shalom i so much like your teaching. Please, can you tell me how to say "holy mountain" in Hebrew? Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA March 27, 2011

The Kabbalah of Happiness Happiness is the love of Hashem, His embrace, His presence in our everyday life. Sadness is seen my loved one (in my father's hourse) ignorance of Torah, and its Creator. The entire world is related to us. I can feel that. But there is only one special family, and that family is the one who aknowledges the Father's work. Sadness is the unfulfilled desire of Hashem in my life to bring others to the knowledge of His Torah. This is my greatest challenge. Until that day, I will probably have my ups and down. Meanwhile, I rejoice in using the talents G-d has given me to create art, give someone a smile, a hand where is needed, a gift to make someone smile. A prayer when it is called for from G-d in my heart. Reply

Clifton Thomas Overland Park, KS December 29, 2009

Shema That explains why when I am feeling lost, when I recite the shema I feel better. I re-afirm that my life has a purpose. That I matter in the pursuit of healing the world around me. Reply

Paul Jones Huntsville, Al. October 10, 2009

The kabbalah of happiness At least 3 things define the "good" person. Holiness,Transparency and Bestowal. These 3 things are really 1. Also he who bestows becomes the embodiment of fulfillment thus he is fulfilled, purposeful and joyful. He who does not bestow G-d's blessings is like one who dams a river at its source and he is the river. Reply

Mrs. Celine Bennett July 8, 2009

a woman's perspective Happiness depends entirely on happenings (same root word) and circumstances independent of us, which is outside of us, fleeing moments.
Joy comes from inside and comes from G-d and is independent of happenings or other people. No one or nothing can take it away!
Do you realize that once we step into eternity we will never have an other chance to praise Him sometimes in tears, in pain, in desperation...
Psalms: "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!" and "This is the day G-d made I'm going to rejoice and be glad!" Reply

Guilhlerme Benchimol Passo Fundo, RS December 13, 2008

great message Rabbi. I love it! Reply

David Balt November 23, 2008

who does the intro and exit music "Samech Lcha" who does the beautiful music on the intro and exit -- "Samech Lcha Nafshi" Reply

Anonymous October 5, 2008

choice Is happiness not simply a choice? Does the Torah not command to serve Him with joy? How can G-d command us to do something that is "dependant" even on knowing we have a purpose? If happiness is a choice we can choose to be happy even if we don't buy into the idea of having a piurpose. Reply

Obidayah Mobile, AL August 29, 2008

The Kabbalah of Happiness In 15 minutes of this video I received more practical information than all of the years and thousands of dollars I spent on an education in psychology. What a breath of fresh air! Reply

Johanan Vargas San Jose, Costa Rica August 28, 2008

Right to the point Very good, I thank our G-d for providing fresh water out of his magnificent wisdom. Reply

Anonymous Houston, t August 28, 2008

wow wow This is what makes me love the Chabad group...if only I could accept the idea of a messiah Reply

Anonymous Golden, USA August 27, 2008

Serenity Now !!! This one was special to me...I need to start going back to temple, because I need to remember that although I will never be perfect I do have a purpose. Reply

bracha wayden August 24, 2008

wow the cncepts were brought down in such a down to earth way. very inspiring Reply

Keziah Abrahams Birmingham, united Kingdom August 21, 2008

happiness and fulfillment The light that eminates from this discussion I thought was most beautiful. Like the prisms and dancing light of a precious jewel. Which these word are,
With thanks Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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