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Waiting or Anticipating?

Looking Forward to the Coming of Moshiach

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Anonymous Flushing, NY September 18, 2011

Waiting or Anticipating? I enjoy very much this subject. Thank you. Reply

Mr. James Marton September 16, 2011

Letters I sure do enjoy your teaching's Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski, thank you sir. Reply

Anonymous NY, NY September 14, 2011

dreams... Yes, G-d willing we will someday be whole, happy, and peaceful. Reply

Mr. Richard Raff September 12, 2011

Waiting or Anticipating? Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski you are truly spiritual and helpful. In these days when the world is darning us to get angry we as Jews stay strong.When the worlds says your land is our land we as Jews say no.When the Hashem makes a promise He shows the Jew of this world why.When the world says bow, Hashem commanded us not too and that is what's handed down in the Torah. He hasn't let down and He is proven to be the King of all worlds and of all things. Soon the darkness will be gone and the light won't blind our views and shalom will be are state,A-men Reply

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