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Counting the 613 Commandments

Rambam's Book of Mitzvahs

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Counting the 613 Commandments: Rambam's Book of Mitzvahs

What was unique about Maimonides Sefer HaMitzvot in which he lists and defines each of the 613 commandments of the Torah?
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Maimonides, 613 Commandments, Daily Study Cycle of Maimonides, Sefer HaMitzvot

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1 Comment
Miri Zurich September 23, 2019

Dear Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, I have been studying the book of mizvot with you soon a whole year (I didnt start at the offical start, which was a feew weeks ago). I want to thank you for this video class. It was an intensive and great study. Thank you very much and I hope others feel encouraged and do this studies as well! Reply