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Daily Mitzvah, Day 4: Principles 10-14

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Daily Mitzvah, Day 4: Principles 10-14

Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 4 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
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613 Commandments, Sefer HaMitzvot

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Jenny Fla. October 26, 2016

Question Thank you for these lectures. Looking forward to reading the Sefer Hamitzvot daily and your lectures greatly help. Just wondering since there is a commandment of "Thou shalt not kill", then why did the Sanhedrin (or whatever courts?) enact corporal punishment? Reply

Ask G-d Fearing Levites November 22, 2020
in response to Jenny:

This is an Excellent question! Study from Jewish translations paired with oral tradition from living Torah sages among us today. The prohibition is not to murder = murder. Killing is required for certain criminals and a commandment. The prohibition is not to murder someone in cold blood without proper trial with Sanhedrin’s 70 Torah stages properly ordained. You can’t Murder. In fact, when we see someone attempting to kill or chase someone else down in cold blood anger we are obligated to stop the pursuit and protect the pursued even if it kills the pursuer. Commanded to kill to protect the life of the pursued. And if her/his crime requires capital punishment s/he still deserves a fair trial. We won’t have the actuality of capital punishment. We will have so much protection of human life guilty will have protective discourse like yours if s/he’s condemned s/he’ll already be in the resurrection. You shows the necessity Levite biblical translation... discussion please correct me here ty Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan studies the daily lesson in Maimonides' Sefer HaMitzvos according to the daily study cycle completing all 613 commandments in the course of just under a year.
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