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Iron Will

A Metaphor for Exile and Redemption

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Iron Will: A Metaphor for Exile and Redemption

Before the siege of Jerusalem, G-d commanded the prophet Ezekiel to place an iron pot around a brick symbolizing the city's siege. (Ezekiel 4:3) Iron can be a metaphor for the grave character defect of rigidity or for the deep inner strength of the Jewish people that leads to Redemption.
Iron Will  
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Tevet 10, Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Ezekiel, Three Weeks, Iron, Destruction of Holy Temple

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Joey July 23, 2018

Wow. This was on point Reply

Y.A July 16, 2013

once again a real pleasure to hear.
always prepared and always well presented.
Yasha koach & thank you very much. Reply

Rabbi Aaoron L. Raskin N.Y. December 21, 2012

Sources Hi Rivkah, The Sichoh is from 10Teves 5752.
Have a Good Shabbos, Reply

Rivka Cleveland December 20, 2012

sources Rabbi Raskin,
When you refer to the Rebbe's teachings which sicho or other source are you referring to? I would like to see it inside, if possible.
Thanks, Reply

Anonymous July 8, 2012

great shiur!!!! i love the way you bring it all together! Reply

K. Nebenzahl maplewood, nj August 9, 2011

Iron will shiur BS"D
Thank you, Rabbi Raskin for an excellent shiur. (lecture) I learned many new concepts, and this certainly enhanced my Tisha b'Av observance. Yesher koach! Reply

Anonymous jerusalem, israel August 9, 2011

Iron and Beit Shilshi In connection to this very important Torah from the Rebbe z"l, a further study can be found by googling: torat hadomem. Reply

Catherine NY, NY August 8, 2011

Very inspiring I absolutely loved this insight into the role a person can play to bring the Messiah down to earth at last. Thank you Rabbi!! Reply

Anonymous Den Bosch, Netherlands August 8, 2011

Iron Will Dear Rabbi Aaron Raskin,

Thank you verry much for this wonderful, inspiring, enlightning Class.

Just what I needed living by myself and in a country where these Classes do not seem to exist.

I will go to the Jewish history Museum and Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam Tomorrow.

I Hope we will manage somehow to bring about The Third Temple!

Thank You Reply

Alizah Hochstead Efrat, Israel August 8, 2011

Rav Raskin's shiur As many of us merit to live in Israel, it is great that we can also benefit from Rav Raskin's class. Please include them on Chabad TV on a regular basis. Reply

Rut Margot Mesa, Arizona, USA August 7, 2011

Iron Will What a beautiful teaching! Lets wait for Moshiach with our hearts full of joy and expectancy in the promised kingdom! Lets us all unite in our thoughts of acceptance of one another with our individual differences, in peace, love, and compassion. Moshiach is coming! Soon!
May Moshiach's love fill our hearts and mind. Reply