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A King and a Viceroy

The Messiah and King David

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A King and a Viceroy: The Messiah and King David

An in-depth analysis of a puzzling Talmudic passage which foretells that Moshiach will be a king and that his ancestor David will be his viceroy.
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Leah VA December 7, 2016

Hi Rabbi Raskin,
I am a huge fan of your shiurim. I really enjoy them. This one really spoke to me today. I loved the story at the end and how you explained what "Living with Moshiach" means.
Thanks so much.

ps-- I love when you mention things about your grandfather, because I knew him. He was a giant of a man and he is missed. Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts October 28, 2021
in response to Leah :

Thank you for your kind words and for mentioning my Grandfather Reply

Mr. Leo Kling September 5, 2011

Acknowledgement Thank you, Rabbi Raskin. I'm sorry I had not said so in my first post, I learned a lot from your
lecture. Baruch HaShem. Reply

A. Raskin brooklyn, ny August 31, 2011

response The passage from Tzefanyah is found in chap. 3:9. The other 3 names of Moshiach are: shin-Shiloh, yud-Yinon, ches-Chanina. Reply

Leo Kingston Springs, USA August 29, 2011

Two Questions Please tell me from where in Ts'phanyah did you quote, and what are the other 3 names based on the shin, yod and cheit in moshiakh's name?
B"H Reply