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Nature as a Synthesis of the Infinite and the Finite

The Natural and the Miraculous

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Nature as a Synthesis of the Infinite and the Finite: The Natural and the Miraculous

Which is greater, the natural or the miraculous? Rabbi Freeman charts the development of a kabbalistic doctrine from the Ari, to the RaSHaB to the Rebbe.
Eitz Chayim on the Kav  
Lubavitcher Rebbe, R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch, R. Isaac Luria, Eitz Chayim, Tzimtzum, Kabbalah, Infinity, Nature & the Miraculous

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ATM California November 7, 2012

"Infinity and the Mind" Rudy Rucker Please read "Infinity and the Mind" by Rudy Rucker. It discusses the Continuum Hypothesis and the Absolute beyond all mathematical infinities. Also, Amir Aczel discusses these concepts in his book on Georg Cantor. Reply

Simon Hope, BC November 6, 2012

How does the notion of gematria connect with this paradigme of creation? remember R. Kaplan's reference to the Zohar vol. 1:15a in his commentary on the Bahir ... "Only after a 'place' was provided could the light be revealed" intro 13?

Is there always an extant argument about how God needs to "restrict Himself" from the world, because if he did not restrict himself from it, "all creation would be overwhelmed by His Essence. (Sometimes i wonder WHAT moses felt when he descended from Mt. Zion & had to wear a veil over his face because the Light beam he was entrusted to focus held enough 'unbounded light' to blind G-d children) --

Is the question of the removal of light completely understandable w/out a narrator narrating it somehow/somewhere? What is annunciated from Kaf's 'metered out' Light emanations? There's a mystery there, too. the absolute self of G-d" Undefinable or defined? Is the "Tohu Wa Bohu, (Gen. 1:2,) "The formless and void that each stage of creation must pass through w/in the Infinte Way? ... part of this narrative? Reply