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Understanding Trust in G-d

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Understanding Trust in G-d

Analyzing the true meaning of ‘Bitachon’, placing one’s trust in G-d, which goes beyond having faith in G-d. The analysis begins with a closer look at the biblical narratives wherein Moses and Jacob seem to display a lack of complete trust in the Al-mighty. (Based on a talk of the Rebbe in Likkutei Sichos vol.36 p.1)
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Vayishlach, Shemot, Bitachon

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Daniele Silva February 14, 2019

Great Shiur. Thank you Rabbi. G-d will bless us with emunah and bitachon. Amen. Reply

Benjamin Ben-David Englewood, Colorado November 29, 2017

I have very huge problems with the Shoah. HaShem asks the Jewish people to trust Him. I will take care of you always, you are My chosen people because you accepted My Torah. When 1939 came around and the start of the Shoah began no one in their right state of mind could ever imagine of how human beings could be so cruel, full of hate and turn all of that into whole sale murder of an entire people. Almost all of Europe's Jews were consumed in the nightmare. Jewish history would never be the same. There is not a Jewish household in Europe, United States, Canada and many other parts of the world that did not loose someone or everyone in the Shoah. HaShem asks us to trust Him and allows this happen to us. There is not a moment of everyday when I don't think about all of my relatives in Hungary so close to the end of WWII being round up and sent off to Poland in trains traveling for a week straight. No food. No water. So many died on the journey even before the camps. This is tough. Reply

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