I said this short story once when I was lecturing. One of the participants asked, "With all due respect, are we meant to understand a spiritual lesson from a child being scared out of his wits?!"

But I don't think that the point of the story is the spiritual lesson that we gain, but rather the priceless gift that this young child received, in his moment of great fear.

High up on the ferris wheel, the child learned that at any moment of fear, at any moment of despair, at any moment of anxiety, he had a comforting Father who was with him, through it all, taking care of him. This eye-opening moment was an enduring gift that he would take with him throughout all his future life experiences.

No, none of us want those moments of fear, nor the rides up and down life's roller coasters. But if the gift that accompanies such a moment is the enduring, solid realization and faith that G‑d is with us through it all, holding our hands, wiping away our tears and taking care of us—we have all been infinitely enriched.

How do you find faith even in a moment of fear?