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The Uniqueness of the Mitteler Rebbe

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The Uniqueness of the Mitteler Rebbe

The ninth of Kislev marks the birth and passing of the second Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch. The tenth of Kislev celebrates his liberation from Czarist imprisonment. Learn what’s uniquely special about his life and the connection to the parsha of Vayeitzei.
Vayeitzei, R. DovBer of Lubavitch (Mitteler Rebbe)

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Anonymous December 8, 2019

The Gemara says that a man can't go 3 days without sleeping. But that can't be true. Didn't Moses spend 40 days and 40 nights on Mt. Sinai? A _normal_ person 3 days of not sleeping is tough. But also I bet there are people who were soldiers, or Navy Seals, who went more than 3 days without sleeping. Therefore all must be examined in the light of Truth. Everyone according to their own level. Thank God. Hashem melech!:-) "straight is the gate and narrow is the way of life few will enter it, wide is the gate of destruction many will enter, enter ye through the straight gate." Reply