Six Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About Judaism

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Six Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About Judaism

Does faith ever make you uncomfortable? Rabbi Manis Friedman tackles all this head-on and addresses the fundamental beliefs and ideas of Judaism.
Judaism, Faith; Belief in G-d

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S UK June 6, 2020

Judaism. If we choose from faith, are there no other faiths? If we choose from teaching, is there no other teaching? If we choose, is it Judaism?

The biggest question, we do not dare to ask. Why you, why me, do we really have a choice? It is our destiny, we are chosen, born into or drawn into a G-dly way of life that was predetermined for us. To believe anything else it is false. Humble acceptance, will bring answers, which create questions.

Perfect, impetfect, struggling and trying, all are accepted for their purpose. Do you know my purpose or I know yours? Only HaShem knows.

If questions arise, they arise from doubt, doubt in oneself and ones ability. Not Hashems doubt. Trust, in your imperfection you are loved, cherished and have a purpose. If the route is Judaism, then this blessing is to be held in awe, as we cannot know the knowledge of Hashem. Reply

Roland canada May 21, 2020

I listened to the whole video; I am not agreeing with the conclusions that you are bringing up on all these questions.
I personally feel that experience is a free choice we can choose freely; the experience of the beyond the ordinary reality of seeing time and taking space (basic existence) or , to go a bit beyond and reach within our own self this hard to describe place out of time and which is not space as we see here easily on earth, but that we can get access to at time or all the time with a bit of desire to get more aware of What There Is.
I have personally experienced reaching this beyond the ordinary (basic) reality while doing a creative introspection, and I did further improve a bit my awareness of the beyond by doing the art of calligraphy.
I have pulled an acronym of the 3 letters: Youd, Lamed and Quouf in such a manner that it does reflect the relation that we have with the other`... Note: the other`... being All There Is...
I wish I could send this picture I have made`... Reply

Erica Exton May 21, 2020

1. Does Faith ever make me uncomfortable? If Faith be the law, I would then have to account for every law written and then ask myself, "Do any of the laws,faith make me uncomfortable? I, not being Jewish, but having read many of the laws venture a guess and say "no". 2. In the beginning the earth was without form and void. The earth was here and empty. Like a great big glob of emptiness, hollow lump of clay, like a body without form, without bones, without soul, without spirit, without life. Prior to "in the beginning" is not for us to "know" but to trust, we were given just what we needed, the beginning foundation, in order to turn from the beginning, trusting that what was and always will be, like a solid absolute, is what was and always will be. And then to move forward toward the future. Not looking behind G-d prior to his entrance on stage, insert trust here, but to look forward with hope by faith for the Love of G-d. There he is again! :) Reply

Anonymous Atlanta May 20, 2020

Thank you for sharing this. Very insightful. Reply

Ariel Galena May 20, 2020

Todah Rabah
For this message it was needed and it was very meaningful Reply

Charlotte Feldman Berea,Ohio May 20, 2020

Thank you for an illuminating lesson. As a human, I am not perfect but i don't stop trying to be so.
As a human being, I am always looking for more answers. Some of my questions may never get answered but having lived as long as I have, I have tired to get a heart of wisdom.
I wish more people would share their questions and maybe that is one good thing about this pandemic: We have time to ask questions and learn.
Be safe and well. Reply

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