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G‑d for King

Does the Creator Need Us?

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G-d for King: Does the Creator Need Us?

G‑d is on the campaign trail to be crowned as King of the Universe again this year, and He wants your vote.
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G-d, Desire; Will, Binyan HaMalchut ("construction of kingship"), Malchut (kingship), Coronation of G-d, Rosh Hashanah

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Chava Sokol beit shemesh October 6, 2016

Amazing Wow! Just amazing. I loved this shiur, thank you so much for the most inspiring lesson about Rosh Hashanah. Reply

Rodney Oudan MA October 2, 2016

The rabbi is correct. It is a romantic relationship, a desire to love and be love that is the purpose of creation and the Torah.

Many thanks, rabbi. You have made it crystal clear.

Dr. Oudan Reply

Rafael Electric Ladyland September 29, 2016

From God undefinable to defined The Rabbi begins by describing God as an undiscribable vastness and then proceeds to define the the almighty . To define the creator and implement his will is the greatest human error of all . The Torah is a human inspiration and stories exemplifying the abilities and thoughts of the deity , To attempt to serve God in a specific manner is a futile concern because our cognition is exclusively human . To try to "speak " to the "creator " is pathetically human and awesomely arrogant .
I'm not sure why a Rabbi Taub would even go there . People believe because it makes them think that someone is watching over their well being . The rules and regulation of any holy book serve to organize and creat coalitions that work together on earth . Eventually the different coalitions try to subvert the other for the spoils of the earth .
Kaballah creates a maze of answers and defenses that is the envy of any lawyer . Do not define the undefinable is the only universal truth . Reply

Anonymous Chicago IL September 28, 2014

Disagree with a few points R. Manis Friedman would majorly disagree with you... Or does I should say. How is a desire not the same thing as a need at least in G-ds book also you imply that a need denotes something which existence is dependent upon: does a man need a woman? Will he be unable to carry on living without her? Hashem can need us the world our mitzvos without it questioning his perfection or basis of existence. Reply

Anonymous September 8, 2013

Excellent! Totally understand the love desire relationship and how two become one again. Reply

Anonymous September 8, 2013

beautiful this was hopeful and perfect - thank you Reply

Mordechai Yitzchak Reisberg Richmond CA September 6, 2013

Your Rosh Hashanah Share Todah Rabbah! A a student of blessed Rabbis & teachers from the Chabad Tradition, as well as wise mentors and scholars in the world of other traditions, I wish to truly say thank you for your 'seichel' words and feelings.
Your offering not only brought me through the years from September 5711, when I began to study alef bais with Rabbi Gordon @ Lubavitscher Talmud Torah , in Newark, NJ, until my last B'nai Mitzvah class with Reb Eli Carlbach, of blessed memory, in 5716.
May you Be enscrbed in the Book!

Hope to read your books on addiction, soon. Sholom Aleichem Reply

Capt GJ Singh Bangalore, India September 6, 2013

G-d for King Dear Rabbi Shais Taub
G-d for King is an excellent video, Very complex understanding of G-d made so simple in a easy to understand and a lighter way. Very Impressive! Great delivery reflective of your deep understanding of G-d.
A big thank you.
Best Regards

yossel September 3, 2013

great joke! yeah i agree rabbi! that opening joke was REALLY GOOD! :-) Reply

pedroq quz December 28, 2012

That was funny Rebbi your opening statement was funny.