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Judaism’s Food Obsession

Secrets of the Kabbalah on Food and Eating

The Kabbalah on Eating Steak
Since Biblical times, our people seem to have had an almost obsessive love affair with food. This lecture opens by demonstrating how food has played such a central role in our sacred tradition; even defined our religious experiences since the very beginning. The fascinating journey into our earliest historical narratives leads us on a quest to discover what’s behind it all. Delving into secrets of the Kabbalah, we open windows into the deeper meaning of consumption; and by extension life and the very purpose of Divine creation!
Judaism’s Food Obsession, Part 2
Dietary laws seem to have defined Judaism from the very beginning, but in our modern era, many query if it’s really that important, and anyway isn’t Kosher-style almost as good? This eye-opening presentation begins at the very earliest biblical origins, and takes you through little travelled pathways of inspired ideas and ideals to shed light and reveal meaning of this hallowed Jewish religious practice. You’ll develop a profound and layered understanding that ultimately climaxes with deeply mystical Kabbalistic teachings that’ll likely change your perspective on Kosher food forever!
Judaism’s Food Obsession, Part 3
The previous lectures established a spiritual thesis about human consumption; eating is the most profound medium to elevate the otherwise mundane elements of creation. Utilizing energies garnered from meal-times to perform acts of spirituality or loving kindness transforms whatever was eaten; thus releasing sparks of holiness, and “fixing our broken world.” But how is that reflected in Passover’s Matzah or the traditional Shabbat dishes, which presumably nourish our souls regardless of what's done afterwards. How can food itself be sacred?
Judaism’s Food Obsession, Part 4
This concluding class of the series sets out to further the fascinating thesis developed over the previous lectures. Here you'll find a compelling and inspiring explanation as to why and how matter from a perfectly kosher animal are in fact absolutely un-Kosher. This rumination draws on a wide range of classical early sources that, on the surface, do not seem to jibe with the Lurianic ideas of Tikkun Olam— however in the end everything is brilliantly reconciled as per a little-known and illuminating teaching of the Rebbe! Once the blood and guts fall into place, the thesis lends itself perfectly in explaining why and how kosher milk and meat too become totally toxic when fused together!
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