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Judaism’s Food Obsession

The Kabbalah on Eating Steak

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Judaism’s Food Obsession: The Kabbalah on Eating Steak

Since Biblical times, our people seem to have had an almost obsessive love affair with food. This lecture opens by demonstrating how food has played such a central role in our sacred tradition; even defined our religious experiences since the very beginning. The fascinating journey into our earliest historical narratives leads us on a quest to discover what’s behind it all. Delving into secrets of the Kabbalah, we open windows into the deeper meaning of consumption; and by extension life and the very purpose of Divine creation!
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Shattering of the Vessels (Shevirat HaKeilim), Refinement & Elevation of Sparks, Food; Eating

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David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel June 11, 2018

Food is special for All Jews are not unique in their relationship with food. Even before Jews existed the Torah shows our early precessors also were vitally involved in what they should not eat and disobeyed! Reply

Mori Goldlist North York November 1, 2017

Is the Torah centered on Hashem and man or the relationship of Hashem to Jews ? Reply