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Abraham and Sarah, Soul and Body

Letters and Numbers of Torah—Chayei Sarah

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Abraham and Sarah, Soul and Body: Letters and Numbers of Torah—Chayei Sarah

“Sarah died . . . and Abraham came to eulogize Sarah and to cry over her.” (Genesis 23:2) The word “to cry” is written with a small letter “kaf.” What is the meaning of this small letter?
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Refinement & Elevation of Sparks, Kaf, Abraham, Sarah, Loss, Mourning & Consolation, Parshah, Body & Soul, Chayei Sarah

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nili October 30, 2013

toda B"H
Dear Rabbi,
just wanted you to know that we enjoy your videos very much, the depth, the clarity, the love that you represent is felt in your words and passion for Torah! thank you so much! May Hashem give you much strength and understanding to continue to spread His pure light in this world! Reply

Nechama Melbourne, Australia September 22, 2012

To Yazmin and Anon from FL Reincarnation IS a Jewish concept, not just Indian. Yazmin, our loved ones are waiting to greet us in heaven. A soul is a flame, and a small bit can be removed to light another flame without being extinguished. One soul can be reincarnated yet leave behind enough of itself to be there, in heaven, watching his/her loved ones from on high Reply

Anonymous Orlando, FL May 1, 2012

A comment to Yazmin Taylor Hi, Yazmin: I would like to know where did you get the information about the souls coming down to another body? As far as I know that belief comes from India, where they believes in reencarnation. They don't kill cows, because they could be killing a relative; thats why in India don't eat meat from cows. Maybe you have misunderstood the information. Reply

Natan Łódź, Poland November 20, 2011

understood a lot of the interesting points - gate to heaven, points of calm. Reply

YAZMIN TAYLOR new carlisle, OH November 18, 2011

question I just have a question. If you say that the soul comes down to another body every day. How can you be sure that we are going to meet our love ones in heave after we die? what if my relative came down and is living another life. How Am I going to see that love one if I die? Reply

henya brooklyn, ny November 17, 2011

portion of Chayei Sara I really enjoyed the explanations on this Torah portion. It is a good lesson for all husbans and wives on Shalom Bayit.
Better yet the explanation on body and soul was incredible. Thanks. Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando, Fl November 16, 2011

...simply awesome and inspiring teaching -thank you ! Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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