G-d's Diet

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G-d's Diet

A "60 Minute" style documentary on kosher dietary laws and its impact on both body and soul
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Mark USA June 19, 2018

In my area, where there are few Jews, there are no places to get Kosher meats or dairy within 50 miles. If it weren't for the national brands, it would be impossible to eat Kosher without spending a fortune. I'm new to Kosher foods, but I'm trying. Every time I eat a fully Kosher meal, it feels almost spiritual. It feels good. I have experimented with Kosher foods for years and these feelings have never gone away. Food is not just for the calories, it is medicine. God showed us what we should and should not eat a very long time ago. Even scientists are beginning to realize that a strictly biblical diet can be very healthy and good for us. God knows what we need. Reply

M Kaplan N.Y. May 10, 2022
in response to Mark:

Thank you! Reply

Catherine NY, NY February 10, 2012

mean inspecting My father was a meat inspector in New York. He always said the Rabbis would come in and check to see if the animals were healthy. They would say a prayer over the animals too. Reply

Stella H Howell Wokingham, United Kingdom September 18, 2011

G-d's Diet My earlier comment was posted last year in 2010 though somehow the year appears as 2011. Anyway, I believe that all creatures were created for Man's pleasure & not for dual economy i.e. a) man gets diseased by eating flesh & blood b) ongoing pharmaceuticals are sold. Thou shalt not Kill is in the 10 Commandments. Man is greedy and interprets Law according to his discretion.
Sadly the world sells FLESH & BLOOD & there are mass consumers for this innocent FLESH & BLOOD.
Why is man selective to keep Pets. Why not kill them as well and put them in your oven and feed them to your children?
Why should a chicken, lamb or other animal be killed to satisfy your greed and taste buds.
Did you know that the soul of the animal which you have eaten cries for Justice. That is why there are calamities in the world.
Please understand these words. I do not gain anything. YOU do.
I pray for PEACE!
Thank you for reading this. Reply

Anonymous Ewa Beach, HI September 15, 2011

Gluten Are kosher foods gluten free. Reply

Stella H Howell wokingham, UK April 20, 2010

G-d's Diet I have watched the video on G-d's diet with interest and curious to understand if Kosher foods also non -GMO/transgenic/genomic. Is the meat from cloned stock? Is worming medication through the mouth or injected?
Will appreciate your reply. Thank you. Reply

Anna Abrams April 11, 2007

good job you did a great job explaining about Kosher food. i recently became religious, and i was amazed to hear the exact same things my Rabbi s have been telling me about kosher food. keep up the great work in spreading Judaism far and wide! Reply

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