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The Moshiach Series

A Comprehensive Overview of the Concept, the Person and the Era

Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming
Drawing on an array of classical sources, this class sets out to clearly define the essence of the Torah mandated faith in global redemption to be brought about by an anointed Jewish King. Clarifying exactly what we are supposed to believe in and why this information is of foundational importance and relevance. You'll also discover how this faith is supposed to be acted on a daily basis, and why there's a critical need to not only believe, but actively await his arrival.
Profound analysis of the redeemer’s name and persona
Delving into the scriptural origin and deeper meaning of the official name of our long awaited Jewish savior, “Moshiach”, serves to set into motion a surprising journey of redemptive discovery. Based on a wide range of source material, by better understanding his official title, we are able to reveal the surprising duel personality of the man who will soon usher in permanent global transformation. This class will enable you to positively ID the elusive “M” man!
What Will the Future Redemption Be Like?
This fascinating and informative lecture provides an exhaustive overview of how things will go when the great Shofar of Moshiach finally sounds. We proceed on our journey in travelling the carefully paved pathways of Maimonides. Lucid as it might appear, yet deeper analysis reveals gaping holes and seeming contradictions in his erudite description of the future redemption. The Rebbe’s illuminating elucidation reveals distinct Messianic Eras, and even multiple possible scenarios for the climatic arrival of our righteous redeemer and the glorious global G-d consciousness, which will catalyze universal peace and prosperity that will soon be ushered in, speedily, and in our days, Amen!
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