I made this "cheese" cake for dairy intolerant friends who are also gluten intolerant. It was a huge hit. I made the cake base as well, but you can of course buy a cake base. We don't have gluten free cake bases here in Melbourne, so I make it myself.


  • 2 containers of pareve cream cheese (but if you want it dairy, normal cream cheese is fine too)
  • 1 cup of blueberries (or other berries)
  • 2 packs of (gluten free) cookies
  • 1 stick of pareve margarine (or butter if you want it dairy)
  • ½ cup of orange juice


  1. Place the cookies in a blender or food processor and pulverize into crumbs.
  2. Melt the margarine and mix the crumbs with the melted margarine.
  3. Press into a prepared cake tin so you have a nice base. Make sure you press a bit of an edge as well.
  4. Place in the fridge for about 1-2 hours until the base is hard.
  5. Mix the pareve cream cheese, blueberries and juice in a bowl until it is the consistency of cream. It shouldn't be too runny and it shouldn't be too stiff, just in between.
  6. Place the filling on the now hard base and put back in the fridge. It's ready for eating, but you want to keep it refrigerated until you eat it.