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Six Days, Six Steps to Shavuot

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Six Days, Six Steps to Shavuot

Discover the 6 steps of spiritual preparation the Jewish People observed at Mt. Siani, over a six-day period prior to the Giving of the Torah, and how you can take these spiritual steps today, as our ancestors did more than 3,300 years ago.

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Anonymous via May 31, 2020

Dear Rabbi
I watched your series about prayer. I am a fan and was thinking of watching this shiur life, that would mean in the middle of the night since I am living in Europe.. But I am too bad at standing up all I am watching it recorded, which is super! Thank you very much for your shiurim! Reply

Sherry San Miguel SMA mex May 29, 2020

This was my first Shavuot and thanks to Rabbi Daniel and his wonderful, amazing , talented , caring wife and children , I wasn’t alone or without a tradition .thank you all the best!
Sherry Reply

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