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Meet Your Mini Moses

Life Lessons from Parshat Tetzaveh

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Meet Your Mini Moses: Life Lessons from Parshat Tetzaveh

The portion of Teztaveh coincides around the birthday and passing of Moses. The special qualities of Moses’ leadership enable us to discover our very own potential.
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Leadership, Adar 7, Aaron, Moses, Tetzaveh

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Sharon lubin chicago March 8, 2020

taught me and gave me new understanding as well as profoundly touched me Reply

Jenifer Nech Houston TX March 4, 2017

Thank you, in memory always a teacher. Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando,FL February 14, 2016

Rabbi Gordon Z"L Thank you so very much for teaching us Torah in such a beautiful and colorful way. What an incredible teacher and human being you were. We all love you and miss you greatly. Rest in Peace!!! Reply

Barbara Ellison WISTER February 26, 2015

Moses Interesting Title..Meet Your Mini Moses.. Also interesting, Moses' comfort in the "other world". It was a fantastic balancing that he was able to do, between the two worlds of here and there.. I am truly awed by Moses... Reply

Casper Netherlands February 25, 2015

wow What a great speech. Thank you Rabbi. Reply

Mrs. Liz Inman Peoria Arizona February 24, 2015

For Rabbi Gordon: Dear Rabbi Gordon,
Your Daily Chumash and Tanya classes on the Parshas are very good. Baruch HaShem!
Many years ago I was born at St. Barnabas Hospital (now Newark Beth Israel Medical Center) in Newark, N.J. and am now retired in Arizona with my husband of over forty years. We have also enjoyed your comments about growing up in Newark N.J. as we used to work there downtown (before the ’67 riots) and have lived over fifty years in N.J.
We hope you are enjoying living in California. We are grateful to be here in Arizona.
Thank you for your videos.
Mrs. Liz Inman
Peoria AZ Reply

Hessel Meilech Cape Town February 9, 2014

Moses and Aaron The reason that the people did not mourn for Moses as much as Aaron is that he was the outsider.
Aaron and Miriam shared the slavery in Egypt. Moses did not. We are a nation of outsiders. Even Israel today is a nation of outsiders.
The transition from worshipping idols to an abstract God was to short hence the golden calf. The building of the ark was instead of of receiving they now gave and worked together to build a nation. Why was creation only a few verses and the ark 15 times the amount?
The entire Jewish people that left Egypt was destroyed including Moses .
An Egyptian princess would not know Aramaic language to draw out of the water.
Moses is a royal name for Pharoahs ex. Ahmoses etc.
Moses could speak very clearly to Hashem but because he was brought up as an
Egyptian the Torah to cover this up says that he stammers and uses Aaron to speak for Hashem. Leaders who stammer are not easily understood. Moses the teacher had to speak clearly. Who was the leader at the holocaust.? Reply

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