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Who Needs to Know How Awesome You Really Are?

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Who Needs to Know How Awesome You Really Are?

The natural craving that each person has for recognition from other human beings sometimes swells without bounds into a monstrous desire for fame. The secret essence of fame, however, appears only in the “loneliest” moments with G-d.
Ego & Selfhood, Ketoret (Incense), Tetzaveh

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Andrew Pimentel November 3, 2019

Thanks Rabbi Reply

Shay WV via March 30, 2019

My favorite so far! This message is so deep. People will hopefully be inspired to step back from social media to truly experience life. Reply

Tzvi Rosenberg crown heights brooklyn new york February 20, 2019

hey Michael
i just started watching your videos they're really funny (: Reply

Menny K Miami February 17, 2019

Amazing, you are truly talented!!!! After watching this video 8 times, I couldn't stop thinking about and teaching this insight from The Rebbe. Reply

Mariab Pasadena, Ca February 17, 2019

You are a great actor. But most important you are great teacher. In short lesson I could see what I should do for feel G-d presence. If I do the right things I can be one on one with Him. This is between Him and me. The example about the Kohen's was accurate. Thanks Reply

Anonymous February 15, 2019

Love the videos!!
I'm no expert but maybe it would be less dizzying, if you had both characters side by side the whole time instead of switching back and forth :) Reply

Miriam Boston February 13, 2019

Thank you so much for this video. It's very inspiring in the age of social media and self promotion, when you feel the push to "share" with everyone. I really like the message. It confirms my own instinct to resist social media. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem February 14, 2019
in response to Miriam:

Amen, Miriam. Being along with G-d seems to have become an expensive luxury. Reply

kid who loves parsha perks Pittsford, NY February 11, 2019

more parsha perks Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem February 14, 2019
in response to kid who loves parsha perks:

Especially for you, kiddo! Reply

Anonymous Canada February 11, 2019

I love reading Chabad. Your wisdom is very inspiring!

Thank you for all you do! Reply

Yankeleh Thailand February 11, 2019

There is an old child's song, "I love myself, I think I'm grand, when I go to the movies I hold my hand". If you do not love yourself, no one else will love you. You should be the most important person to...yourself. Don't rely on others. Rely on you. Conceited? Yes, ya betcha! Reply

Anonymous Lynn February 11, 2019

By the way you're awesome! Reply

Andrew Pimentel Lynn February 11, 2019

Thanks for what you're doing. Reply

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