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Torah: The Great Antidote

Life Lessons from Parshat Bechukotai


Torah: The Great Antidote: Life Lessons from Parshat Bechukotai

A big focus of this Torah portion is the importance of Torah study, and all the many blessings it brings. This is a timely lesson in strengthening our commitment to daily Torah study.
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Daily Study, Behar-Bechukotai, Torah Study, Bechukotai

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Brian Marceaux Vinton February 19, 2020

BH' for Rabbi Gordon's teachings. His memory is a blessing. Please keep his teachings online. We still study them daily. Reply

Rick Miller La Mesa March 27, 2017

Thanks Thank G-d for Jewish.tv so that we have the voice and wisdom of this great man with us always. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ June 3, 2016

I miss Rabbi Gordon. my heart, and soul, areclose to him still. May he rest in peace. Reply

Jonathan Silver May 31, 2016

zichrono livracha :( Reply

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