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The Four Sons

Life Lessons from Parshat Bo

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The Four Sons: Life Lessons from Parshat Bo

We’re all familiar with the four sons at the Seder, which are enumerated in the Passover Haggadah. Interestingly, there seems to be special attention given to the wicked or rebellious son, which begs the question why?
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Wicked Son, Four Sons, Bo

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Uri Yitzchak January 26, 2023

Rabbi Gordon Z'L; may your memory be always for a blessing. You are sorely missed.! Reply

farah pakistan via January 15, 2016

Thank you for this blessed lecture. Reply

Borys January 9, 2016

sons the "wicked" son is just the most hurt so he requires the most of time and patience. He is not really wicked - he just cannot find enough trust to be the wise one. He lost his trust during years of being fed with hatred instead of love and that's all.

I would say that there is another son - sixth one - who is fully observant but unable to come and ask. This one is a son of a father who is a bad teacher, the false authority, the pharaoh of teaching. Reply

Leah March 9, 2015

Thank you This was just such a wonderful lecture - brought me to tears. Rabbi Gordon, thank you. You are a wonderful teacher and communicator. Reply

john toronto December 31, 2013

son A family can also have four personalities. And every Jew has his place in service of Torah and more time is spend on those who need more help, but the reward of each is still different. The Torah decides that also.But everyone is equally given the opportunity to serve and no one's service is insignificant.Without different types of Jews the Torah would not be complete. Reply

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