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The First Mitzvah

How to Study Torah - Bo

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The First Mitzvah: How to Study Torah - Bo

The first mitzvah given to the Jewish people before they even left Egypt was to sanctify the new moon and keep a calendar. A careful study of the verse (Exodus 12:2) "This month shall be for you the beginning of months."
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Kiddush Hachodesh, Bo

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Prof.Dr.Mark Hegel Newark, DE January 29, 2012

Bo What kind of hebrew is being used in this lecture, I speak hebrew veruywell but I could not understand the hebrew used. Reply

Frida M Winkler Glendale, MI/USA January 26, 2012

The first mitzva b'h
i would say: amazing!!!!
include me in the group who didnt remember what was the first miztva. But, not only that but the diffferent meanings of the first Jodesh and Rambam amaizing interpretation. Once again, many thanks Rabbi Kaplan. Jodesh Tov and Guit Shabbes Reply

Katinka Holst Den Bosch, Netherlands January 25, 2012

The Firsrt Mitzvah Rosh Codesh DearRabbi Mendel Kaplan,

Thank You SO Much for this Class.
This is a Great Help for me This New Beginning . On Your Own it is ssometimes hard without the Enormous Support You and The Wonderfull People from Chabad.Org. My Environment cannot provide This. Especially This Year. But there seems more Clarity, Direction and Enlightenment and `Fellowship`, this New Beginning``

Have a real Good Year,.
Alls you made it a Lot Easier to start Rosh Hashannah on a Positive Note for I always found `BO`a verry Difficult Chapter.) Expept The Beatifull Passages'. I do not know why but it made me thik of Ruth and Boaz, )Historic Parents of Wonderfull Future Lineages' And the Transformation through Love of Naomi!

Thank you Once More, Looking Forward to the Net Class,


Katinka Holst Reply

Susan January 24, 2012

Sinaic Conscious as Baseline Perception Panim el Panim is the activation of the pineal gland (ie. Jacob at Pineal) which is accompanied, to be sure, by a "radio frequency" of 40 Hz coherently throughout the brain. So too is this hand in hand with the Price of the Presnece AKA "Metatron" or DMT. So, yes, if and only if we are riding on this Sinaic, Mosaic frequency operant may we have G-d's word revealed. Herein we "see the thunder". Reply

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