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G-d's Face

How to Study Torah - Ki Tisa

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G-d's Face: How to Study Torah - Ki Tisa

Moses asked G-d "show me Your Glory" to which G-d responded, "No man can see Me and live." Does G-d have a face? What does it mean to see G-d? What did Moses want and what did he end up getting?
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Ki Tisa

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Adrian UK February 19, 2014

Why does God visit the sins upon the children. Many people go along with evil on the basis that their children will suffer if they don’t (second world war Germany is a prime example). God may be pointing out here that there are no redeeming features for participating in evil & to ensure that there is no future profit from such an act - ie I will suffer God's punishment for the benefit of my Children carries no weight as this spiritual loop hole has been closed. Reply

Tony Schmo February 23, 2013

"You live once." At 22:20 Is Rabbi Mendel denying the Resurrection and Olam Haba? Or is he only denying pre-existence? Reply

Freddie FL May 5, 2012

G-d's Face If G-d was running for President would everyone vote for him? If G-d's Face was known to people, or even, our ablity of seeing and hearing him campayne and be qualified, isn't it axiomatic that He wouldn't automatically get the majority vote? We should best ACCEPT and understand that Not seeing G-d's Face is as natual as 1 and 1 equaling 2. Our world's mysteries are only mysteries if we refuse to understand how natural it is to accept that G-d created us and our world where we automatically accept that 1 plus 1 + 2. Unfortunately, most of us at one point in our life go overboard ruminating over G-d's Face's existense because it's not as rational as the sun or 1 + 1 = ing 2! Reply

cashrich Beverly Hills March 10, 2012

G-ds Face I used to have a problem with that idea as well, "punishing people for the sins of others", till I meet a man in the army who said his superiors often punished the whole team if one person erred, so as to encourage team members to prevent anyone erring that the whole team may not be punished.I supposed G-d is thinking the same. Another theory is that G-d knows that if the parents think their children would be punished for their sins, the parents (out of the love for their children) may refrain from sinning. Reply

Miss eugina herrera March 6, 2012

G-d's Face When Moses is asking G-d to show his face, G-d is showing Moses,what it is. "I'm Energy and I'm what I've created, I'm the creation of Energy, I'm the creator of this Universe" Does God have a face? No. To see G-d is to be blinded by Light. G-d is a Spirit of creation who has created all. Moses wanted the "Truth." Moses ended up getting the Ten Commandments. Reply

john smith fort laud, fl March 6, 2012

maybe i can help u understand if the soul was an automobile and your ancestors kept very good care of it, as if it were going to be an antique one day and very valuable BUT only if it was taken care of like it was a precious thing. Now if there is someone who has the same vehicle that was built in the early 1900's but they did not take care of it at all. You ran it hard, you were speeding and slamming on the brakes, taking sharp corners at high speeds. You then give this car to your son, or what is left of it and compare it to the person who kept it in the garage and never drove it in the snow with the salt on the road. In 100 years, which vehicle is the first one to break down? That is... if the one car is even available after treating it like "just a car"
You cannot even pass it down anymore to the next generation because it is completely broken. It is in the junk yard and has been for 30 years now because just as the car which was not taken care of, bad habits passed from generation to gener.. only gets worse Reply

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