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Where is My Place in the Land?

How to Study Torah - Pinchas

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Where is My Place in the Land?: How to Study Torah - Pinchas

Learn about the unusual procedure by which the Tribes of Israel were assigned to their portion in the Land. What does this teach us about providence, predetermination and fate?
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Tribes, The Twelve, Destiny; Fate, Freedom of Choice, Israel, Pinchas

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suzi orlando, fl July 15, 2012

WHERE IS MY PIECE OF THE LAND Are there ever PDFS of Rabbi Kaplan's lectures? Are there any forms in writing we can make copies of, for the computer.

Prior to this, I listened to a lecture from someone else. she had a PDF file which we were able to save to a file.

I so admire Rabbi Kaplan, never thought of this as an alternative to recording. It would be great if we were able to see the written word,(in English) and copy it. Reply

suzi orlando, fl July 15, 2012

THE INHERITANCE OF THE PIECE OF LAND I always enjoy Rabbi Mendel Kaplan. This was very interesting, and not an easy concept to grasp. He does a wonderful job of explanation.

I wish I understood Hebrew, and yet I do get the most out of the lectures, since he does translate.

Another beautiful lecture and lesson Reply

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