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Why Moses broke the tablets, and its everlasting message for each of us

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Shattered: Why Moses broke the tablets, and its everlasting message for each of us

Breaking of the Tablets, Ki Tisa

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Patty O'Connell Fleming Island February 28, 2018

I'm not Jewish but I pray everyone hears this video...it is so beautiful.
I put it on my facebook to help others. Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2017

When I think how often I find idols in my life and how easy it is to bow to them. I am overcome with shame and I want the rocks to fall on me. But then I remember the G-d that I serve. One who is faithful to me, even when I have strayed. Thank you for loving me so Reply

Anonymous Phoenix February 27, 2016

beautiful To me listing to this helps me understand and helps me become closer to G-d. I am in the process of conversion and hearing this just makes me know judiusm is my home. Reply

suzy handler woodland hills, ca February 25, 2016


I have started over many times. Each time it feels like I have broken the Tablets, but inspiration has helped me throughout my life. Thank you for this wonderful message and reminder. A second time is better than the first Reply

Chana Weisberg February 24, 2016

Thank you James I am touched by your comment--and humbled. Thanks for writing! Reply

Anonymous Lakewood February 23, 2016

Amazing and Inspiring! I love this video! Its so inspiring. Leaves me off with a great feeling towards Hashem. Its really amazing. I love the music in the background. And the pictures really add a lot to it! Thank you for inspiring me greatly. Reply

James R Russell Cambridge, MA, USA February 23, 2016

Thanks! That was profound and wonderful. I'm a professor at Harvard: I taught today, came home, cooked a meal for me and my partner, and then clicked onto Chabad, and became a student. Dear Chana, Thank you, teacher!
God bless,

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