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No Free Rides

Parshat Eikev

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No Free Rides: Parshat Eikev

The Shema contains fundamental beliefs about G‑d, Torah and mitzvot. But much of the second paragraph repeats the first. Why the need for this repetition?
Effort, Shema, Eikev

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Hersh N. Goldman Swampscott, MA August 8, 2017

I loved the colorful art-work image accompanying the "No Free Rides" article. Is it a photo-image from an actual stained glass window or is it the art-work of an artist done exclusively for the article. Who is the artist? If the artist is willing to work with "" it would be a good idea to have a blakck & white line drawing of the image printed for hard-copy distribution as part of a creative artistic expression project. There could be a picture of the "full color" image (for inspiration) and reproductions of the "coloring book-Black&White" image (for creativity) allowing the customer to create from it his/her own color-scheme creation. The stained glass image is a natural media-theme for such a coloring-book-project because of the heavy-black lines separating the manifold-areas that can be filled in with any variety of flatly- applied colors. Reply

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