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Ask for a Miracle

A short insight on Parshat Lech Lecha

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Ask for a Miracle: A short insight on Parshat Lech Lecha

Do you need a miracle in some area of your life? Here’s why it is all right for you to ask for it—and how you can get it.
Nature & the Miraculous, Miracles, Lech-Lecha

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Nebiyat Nigusie Woldeyohannis Ethiopia October 31, 2019

I am happy to hear that no Jew can not be controlled by Astrology. It makes me delighted to hear that God works beyond a destiny. I will keep on praying for miracles. Wow God is great Reply

Anonymous January 19, 2017

Debbie where is your home? I know someone who can help you. Reply

Debbie January 14, 2017

Can you pray for me and my family. I have mites my hone and they crawl on me and bite me. No meds the doctor gives me helps. I have had them for 15 years. I am so tired and want to just go to sleep and never wake up. Reply

Louanne Palm Beach Gardens , Florida December 20, 2016

Asking the community to save for my daughter Arielle bat Leah who is suffered with a dark soul and a true need for wholesome love in her life.she lives 3000 miles away from her family, at her request, and meds true committed live in her lonesome 32 year old life. She lives in the Los Angeles area if anyone has any helpful Chabad connections it would most gratefully be appreciated.
Leah Reply

Aida Orlando December 19, 2016

Thank you for your words. You have become my inspiration. Reply

Yehudis Tzfat December 13, 2016

Bitochon is our bond with Hashem. Thank you Chana. You bring across so validly that we, Israel, should not feel constrained by "natural" forecasting. We are above nature. And we should show our thanks to Hashem, our Creator, by appreciating without reserve all that He does for us, even if we don't see the good according to nature. Bitochon is our bond with Hashem. Reply

Anonymous Toronto November 15, 2016

A MIRACLE I have been dealing with the most difficult problem I have ever had to face in my life. Throughout this process I feel that I have witnessed several miracles B' H. While we still have a ways to go , I finally see some positive results . B'H. Doing Mitzvah's and praying when one is distraught sad and depressed is more than difficult. Yet ; for me it is what is most needed. I pray for all our safety and well being

Favel Mexico November 10, 2016

Beautiful message! Reply

moishe engel long beach ca. November 8, 2016

contact me shiphrah please contact me throuigh the editors I may be able to help you


Leah November 8, 2016

Thy will Hashem shall be done - not my will be done. Reply

Patrick Oregon November 8, 2016

I need a Miracle Myself and household needs better health we all keep getting sick sinus problems we think it's what they are pumping into the sky.
Patrick Baruch atah todah rabah Reply

Anonymous Long Island, New York November 6, 2016

Thank You Beautiful message. Reply

Shiphrah Aubert Long Beach, CA September 29, 2016

beyond the natural order Thank you so much for this. Truly I know what it means to go beyond the natural order. Natural solutions done before do not work any more against problems in this world as before. Things have gotten tougher and much more complicated. And HaShem is the only One with the perfect outcomes. I need Him more in my life than ever. Reply

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