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The Power of the Shema Prayer

The prayer that proclaims our faith in G-d

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The Power of the Shema Prayer: The prayer that proclaims our faith in G-d

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Va'etchanan, Shema

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Jeanette Mass Melbourne Australia July 29, 2020

A very powerful & moving message brought to us by Rabbi Barber. The time is perfect for Shema Israel Reply

Eleanor Skibo Pennsylvania, USA August 5, 2017

The Shema Prayer, a prayer created and sent by G. d, a life saver, a sense of peace, a feeling of love, a sense of belonging and being loved. I could go on an on naming the attributes of the Shema, but I think those of us who say this prayer day and night understand what I'm trying to express. Blessings and Shalom! Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico August 19, 2016

Today, my beloved cousin passed away in a far away city. I pray for his Neshama speedy return to where it came from. Thank you Rabbi Barber your words have lifted up my spirit. Hope God wants to console his bereaved mother. I pray for both. Reply

Alicia Madrid August 19, 2016

Children and grandchildren Dear Rabbi Yacov Barber,
thanks a lot for your thoughtful speech. One G-d and one lifetime to see many children and grandchildren covering their eyes after G-d is named. Shema Israel hashem, elokeinu hashem ejad.
Shabat Shalom Reply

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