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A "Dwelling in the Physical World"

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A "Dwelling in the Physical World"

We engage our physical world and nurture it, to find the common grain of truth, to expose and reveal the G-dly aspect latent in all of creation.
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Women's mitzvot, Men & Women, Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Tanya

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Suzanne Steinberg Arizona, USA March 11, 2014

I thought this was interesting in discussing the differences between men and women. As a woman leader, I do not feel as if I only nurture what is already there, I feel as if I create something from above, my personal vision and defend it. I think there are many roles for women, but mine personally has been as a creator as well as giving other's opportunities. I think as a woman I am more attuned to the emotional needs of those around me and I am more flexible towards women and others due to making emotional exceptions, but I feel personally that I create what never would have otherwise existed. I think some of women's fears come from a fear of standing alone and could they or do they have the means to defend their most vulnerable ideas to others, or are they naturally out numbered with a disadvantage. I think this lack of grounding is a wall for women to stand against opposition, and why they are afraid of creating the boundaries, versus working within them. Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.