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Your Guide to the Shema

Understanding Prayer

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Your Guide to the Shema: Understanding Prayer

Many fundamental beliefs of Judaism can be found in this prayer. Learn how to internalize its message to improve your relationship with G-d.
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Blessings of the Shema, Prayer, Shema

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Eric Nussbickel Jeonju-si/ S.-KOREA June 23, 2016

Privately I am studying the Hebrew language and the Torah. Since I discovered "" almost no day passes without listening to some of your discussions, videos etc. Especially I enjoyed and are very grateful for the "Guide to the Shema" by Mrs Malky Bitton. I have a small size Siddur and try to locate the passages. This is sometimes difficult. I wonder, which book you are using in your lectures. Many thanks for your lectures!! Reply

Anonymous January 5, 2016

Possible associations Hear Oh + Shema = ? Hiroshima = One god = First Nuclear bombing of people on earth

Mt St Helen = May 18 = ? May 2018 = Israel will be 70 years old Reply

Inez Rachael Dunker Texas May 27, 2014

Thank you for explaining the Shema, you have taught me more about the meaning I did not know, I shall have my grand daughter who is 7 1/2 years old to listen to this. Thank you so very much!
Rachael Reply

Esther NY May 8, 2014

this is wonderful! brings back sweet memories of studying for chapter 26 tanya test...I look forward to listening to more classes!

thank you! Reply

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